October 13th, 2014



The chemtrails conspiracy theory has been circulating for a while among the same sorts of people who believe that 9/11 was an inside job and celebrities are being controlled by the CIA. In brief, chemtrail enthusiasts think that those white trails of vapor you see pouring out of planes are actually nasty chemical or biological agents that governments are using to geo-engineer the weather, create a vast electromagnetic super-weapon, control the population, or—well, you get the idea. There’s no science or proof whatsoever behind this, but plenty of people are still willing to entertain this vaguely supervillain-esque notion.






December 30th, 2013

At 17, I went to a bizarre dinner in rural Mexico with my boyfriend’s family and one of their colleagues. It was … weird. But was it a cult? I might never know.

So, let me preface this: I’m not completely sold on the “cult” title. This is probably because the word “cult” sparks instantaneous imagery of hooded figures in white robes with bleary drug eyes, and of 50-day standoffs in the desert heat. And I couldn’t possibly have attended a potluck with a cult leader and his followers, right? I keep denying it out of residual shock and disbelief, but the older I get, the more convinced I feel.
Let me back-track. Imagine a 17-year-old, comically cynical Gabi with frizzy, dyed red hair and a really tragic “thing” for dudes who played Pixies covers on their sick Fenders. Like, come on, Gabs. Have some self-worth! Don’t make out with a closeted Republican just because he can croon some dumb Jeff Buckley song, ya know?


Ode to Lisa

December 5th, 2013

December 5, 1995;

A small caravan of cars drove to the Hospital.

They drove past four other hospitals to get to the right one.

A figure in the back seat in one of the cars, wrapped in a blanket.

Lisa Mcperson.

She died en-route.

The nearest hospital was a block away.

An Ambulance team could have saved her at the scene.

But she was driven forty-five minutes to the “right” hospital

Because of her religion.



They couldn’t figure it out, these specialists of the mind.

When she stripped naked on a public street.

When she babbled, when she raged.

When she stopped eating.

When she stopped talking,

When she stopped drinking water for ten days!

They couldn’t figure it out.

These specialists of the mind.

These  Scientologists.

Did they apologize?

Did they try to fix what was broken?

Did they say, “we are sorry Lisa. we followed a man who didn’t know much about the human mind.

We were wrong. We tried to help her and we killed her.

Did they apologize?

They covered it up.

They bribed officials.

They harassed.

They lied.

They spit on mourners. They blew out candles that were lit – for Lisa.

These  Scientologists.

These specialists of the mind.

December 5, 1995;

Ghost hunters accused of burning historic Louisiana mansion

November 24th, 2013

by Matthew Watkins /

Posted on November 23, 2013 at 3:50 PM

Updated yesterday at 3:57 PM


Seven men were arrested in Louisiana this week, accused of burning down a historic plantation house where authorities say they were smoking marijuana and looking for ghosts.

The men were charged with various crimes, including arson, burglary and trespassing.


Iranian Air Force Chasing UFOs Discovered An Unknown Type Of Drone

November 13th, 2013

Retired by the U.S. Navy more than seven years ago, the iconic Grumman F-14 remains in service with the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF).

Iran used its Tomcats extensively in the Iran-Iraq War and the F-14A is still today the backbone of IRIAF air defense.

Over the last few years the “Persian cats” have reportedly flown against a very particular threat: the Unidentified Flying Objects, universally known as a UFO.

More detailed information about this weird use of the last operational Tomcats can be found in the October 2013 issue of Combat Aircraft.

An interesting article written by Babak Taghvaee gives an exclusive overview of IRIAF F-14s missions conducted to intercept UFOs. But according to Taghavee these unknown flying objects didn’t conduct any extraterrestrial activity:

Read more:

MONIQUE RATHBUN’S TESTIMONY: Day One Finishes in Her Temporary Injunction Hearing

September 13th, 2013

Day One just ended in the temporary injunction hearing of Monique Rathbun’s harassment lawsuit against the Church of Scientology and its leader, David Miscavige.

We live-blogged the first half of the day’s session, which included opening statements by attorneys on both sides. But then Judge Dib Waldrip called for a ban on recording devices during Monique’s testimony in the afternoon, so we had to quit live-blogging and went back to pen-and-paper tech. It was old school time!

Monique gave two hours and twenty minutes of testimony guided by her attorney, Ray Jeffrey, and after a short break, she then was cross-examined by Church of Scientology International’s San Antonio lawyer, Les Strieber, for another hour or so.


Satellites reveal two mysterious ‘black hole’ whirlpools in the South Atlantic ocean.

September 5th, 2013

It’s from Yahoo, how can you go wrong? 

Satellites have shown two mysterious ‘black hole’ whirlpools in the South Atlantic ocean – ultra powerful “vortexes” which suck water down into the depths.

The whirpools – never witnessed before – would suck down ships, debris and even living creatures, moving 1.3 million cubic metres of water per second.

Two of the black holes – or “maelstroms” – have been sighted in three months by physicists from Zurich and Miami.




News Report : UFO Or Angel Caught In Florida Swimming Pool

August 21st, 2013

It must be a UFO, or an Angel! I couldn’t be ANYTHING else!

Personally I think it’s Bigfoot pissing on the camera lens, but what do I know?



Help Scientology – Shelly Miscavige is NOT missing!

August 9th, 2013

A ghost adventure ends up with ten people hurt and one killed

August 9th, 2013
August 9, 2013

A search for the supernatural sends ten people to the hospital and leaves one dead this week. According to the West Virginia Gazette, a pickup truck loaded with eleven people crashed on Wednesday killing a 17-year-old girl.

Early Wednesday morning, 18-year-old Issac Murphy packed ten of his friends into a Ford F-150 pickup truck to go on a ghost hunting adventure to find haunted chimneys in Clay County, West Virginia. While en-route to one of the alleged haunted locations, Murphy lost control of the vehicle, swerved and struck a guardrail sending the truck plummeting down into a stream bed.

Six people were crammed into the cab and five of them were riding in the bed of the truck when it crashed. The only female passenger was 17-year-old Kara Conley who was pinned between the pickup and bank of the creek. She died about an hour after the accident.

Nearby resident and Army Veteran Jeremy Mullins witnessed the crash and called 911 immediately then went to help. Mullins pulled the injured teens from the vehicle and onto his porch and treated their wounds until paramedics arrived.

Police officers found marijuana at the scene and also said that alcohol may have played a role in the deadly crash. Authorities are still waiting for a toxicology report to determine if any of the occupants were intoxicated. So far no charges have been filed against the driver.


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