That’s no Moon!



UFOlogists have proposed that the moon, believed to be a natural satellite of Earth, is, in fact, a huge spaceship, a gigantic UFO, parked in orbit around the Earth by an advanced technological civilization.

The proposal that the moon is an artificial satellite of Earth, specifically an alien spaceship, a massive UFO, parked in orbit around the Earth, is known as the Spaceship Moon Theory, Artificial Moon Theory, or Alien Moon Theory.

According to proponents of the Spaceship Moon Theory in the UFO community, there is evidence to suggest that the moon was built by an alien civilization with science and technology much more developed than ours.

Project Blue Book!



Well it’s out! The entire text of Project Blue Book is on the web (other than the part the Air Force wants to cover up says the naysayers.)  Naysayers will also comment that some of the witness names have been blacked out and that analysts of the reports attempt to explain away the “natural fact” that most of the reports are symptomatic of the ongoing invasion by nefarious alien beings bent upon RULING THE WORLD and stealing women. Also curing cancer and giving us free energy.

Well whatever they are, Project Blue Book is being hosted over at Black Vault and can be seen in its “PDF glory



Former ‘Onion’ editor: Freedom of speech cannot be killed

“When I was editor there, The Onion was located in the heart of Manhattan and the one person manning our front entrance was our petite, tattooed office manager, Jessie. She was the definition of unthreatening, and we used to joke that she was the only thing standing between us and some heavily armed radicals, should any ever become enraged by something we put in print. Right now, that joke makes me sick to my stomach.

Twelve people were murdered at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical newspaper, today, apparently for doing the very thing The Onion does: satire. These people – including one guest and one police officer – are dead. They were cartoonists and editors and humorists. People whose job in life was to point at hypocrisy and laugh at it; to ridicule hate; to make us all try to see our own failings as humans. And they were killed for it.

For those who would trivialize the idea, this was what an actual attack on freedom looks like.

Our joke at The Onion was, like most of our jokes, borne out of some reality. We received hateful letters and emails on a semi-regular basis. I’ve personally spoken on the phone with at least two individuals who threatened to rape me and kill my family. At one point, we even had to call the police. But I never could have imagined anything like this.”



The Year in Bigfoot

Two states led the nation in Sasquatch sightings, which have been on the decline since surging in the ’00s.



Late on a dark night in May 2014, two hunters slowly traced I-90 back to their homes in eastern Washington state. It had been an unsuccessful turkey hunt in Kittatas County, and now the men kept their tired eyes fixed to the forested roadside for capricious elk and deer.

That’s why they saw it—and slammed on the brakes. According to aninvestigative report, “the subject” exited the trees, approached their truck, and shuffled across the road in “what appeared to be a calculated execution… to avoid being hit.” Shuddering, the men attempted to make eye contact with the rangy creature, but its face was so covered in fur that it was impossible. “It was not a person or a bear, absolutely not,” one of the men wrote. “I have never feared going into the woods but will no longer do my 3:30 a.m. hunting trips for turkey by myself ever again.”


It was the only Bigfoot sighting to come out of Kittatas County this year, or at least the only one officially described to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO), a website that’s tracked and investigated reports in the U.S. and Canada back to 1921. But with at least four total sightings in 2014, Washington tied with Pennsylvania as the year’s leading state in Bigfoot sightings, according to CityLab’s count of BFRO reports.

The Pacific Northwest has historically led the nation in cryptozoology, but the number in Pennsylvania marks a recent rise in Bigfoot (aka Sasquatch, Yeti, or Skookum) reports throughout the Ohio River Valley, central Florida, the Sierra Nevada mountains, and the Mississippi River Valley. Overall sightings are on the decline, however, especially compared to 2000-2009, when spottings spiked. Cartographer Joshua Stevens’ remarkable 2013 map traces the century in Sasquatch, with a helpful inset that compares densities of population and sightings (the two are not always directly correlated):



Were Ancient Martians Murdered by Nuclear Bomb-Dropping Aliens? An Investigation


As far as we can tell, Mars is a desolate-looking desert, with no obvious life. Sure, there may still be microbes there, but I think it’s safe to say that there is not an advanced civilization living on the Red Planet. But was it always that way? Did Mars once host a bustling civilization, one that perhaps was capable of nuclear warfare? Let’s check in with some conspiracy theorists to find out.

I’m going to let Andrew, a guy who runs the UFO Sightings Cape Town YouTube page, set the scene.

“There are literally hundreds of building ruins in a few of NASA’s panoramic images. What has happened on Mars? Was it a Nuclear WAR, or perhaps Asteroid hits? The fact of the matter is, that there are many pockets of living humanoids all over Mars,” he wrote on a YouTube video showcasing some of these “building ruins.”

Let’s just put this out there. This is one of the fringiest of fringe conspiracy theories out there. Andrew is probably just a wee bit off his rocker, but he didn’t randomly make up the idea that there was civilization on Mars and that it could have died in a nuclear WAR.

Holy shit!!! [[[MORE]]]?


My buddy James – the “Thin Skinned Guru” is back!

After a long absence, my buddy and pal James Gilliland has taken a vacation from his dope-ranch (sorry; Sativa Sanctuary)  and raring to go! This time to Mexico for some spiritual adventure!

–  Of a sort!


[So writes James Gilliland. My comments  are in boldface. ]

“Mexico, The Land of Personal Responsibility

As most of you know I am traveling as per inner guidance through Mexico. It is truly the land of personal responsibility. You have to pay attention, there are holes in the sidewalks, every form of feces waiting to jump under your foot, and a lot of drunk vacationers not to mention the riptides.

[Let’s go back to that jumping-shit James. You should film some of that and get it up on YouTube. I’m sure it would be a bigger hit than the satellite passing over your ranch on your birthday.

I had one gentleman appear where ever I went, totally possessed….

[Possessed James? He had a demon in him? Perhaps the agave worm; in which case he’s a gringo. The locals don’t do worms in their drinks (¿Crees que están locos?)] 

….started three fights and tried to pull me into them. In each case I was given a clear message to vacate the area and did not even excuse myself. We are not talking bars here which I avoid, we are talking in the plaza and on the beach. I finally gave him bus fare and bought him lunch to leave the town to the relief of many.

[Some homeless fellow gives you a hard time until you buy him food and a bus ticket? Well played James, let me know how that works out.]

My brother however had an encounter with a pitbull while on his motorcycle and now is recovering from a bite to the leg. All in all I am having a great time swimming in the warm salt water, walking through the jungles, paddle boarding and doing workshops, Yi Gong classes and counselings. Believe it or not I feel safer in Mexico considering what has happened to America.

So – Other than the leaping poop, holes in the sidewalk, aggressive panhandlers and rabid dogs, things are going great!]

The military bases, black helicopters and chemtrail planes can take a vacation as well because I am not presently at the ranch. Guess you have to refocus your satellites, and keep activating my phone and computer cameras to know what is going on.

[James; nobody is watching you.  You are not a person of interest unless you’ve done something bad, in which case? Tell them you don’t know me – OK? ]

By the way my Iphone5 totally crashed, the camera no longer works so that avenue is closed if all you are getting is a black screen. Hey maybe you can remote repair it as long as you are in there.

[You crashed your Iphone and don’t know how to recover it? The most user friendly system on the market? Oh the humanity!]

So much for Apple’s collusion with big brother. I am sure you have all heard they can activate your audio and video on your phones and computers without the light going on.

[I can do that too if I wanted to, but I don’t because I am the nice one.  My 14 year old nephew however….]

Speaking of your right to privacy there is legislation to do away with the Bill of Rights as if it was being honored.

[What…are…you ….babbling about? NOBODY is taking your bill of rights away! And frankly,JAMES!  DU! – MEXICO!! You are under their laws now. Good luck! ]

I am wondering at what point does humanity say enough? Your rights have been stolen, your money has been stolen, your enslaved under a mountain of debt you will never get out from under.

[Talk about yourself. (oh; you just did, my bad.)]

Your health care program is based on addicting you to chemicals and drugs that have nothing to do with healing. The dollar is no longer backed by petroleum enforced by the military, so many have lost their jobs, their homes and in some cases their families. But hey look at the bright side you could be living in Iraq or Lybia in rubble bombed back into the stone ages. Shame on them for not backing the dollar, creating their own stable monetary system and living on top of our oil. Gee I wonder if there is a collective karma due to this? I am being sarcastic here for those who missed it.

[No, you are being stupid. (please be aware that I am in no way saying you are a stupid person, but the last passage has content in it that in my not-so-humble opinion is stupid.)
First; nobody forces people to take drugs. (unless they are a danger to themselves and others.)  Taking medications is a personal choice. Certainly doctors are prone to over-medicate people but YOU DON’T HAVE TO LISTEN TO THEM. Doctor’s orders do not mean “take this med or got to prison.” Not unless the Police and a Judge rules “you are a danger to yourself and others.”  Your not a danger to yourself and others are you James?  Sheeze! (I’m being flippant here in case you missed it. )

Second; The dollar has never been backed by petroleum.

Third; yes, in this the current rescission a lot people found themselves out of work (including myself,) but a lot of people went out and found other jobs and are doing OK now (including myself.)

Fourth; Living in the US is better than living in a war zone. Those who don’t think so are also being stupid.. (I’m not making that up OR being sarcastic.)

Fifth; Iraq was attacked by the US for a number of reasons. Mostly because the-then chief executive of the US wanted to make it happen.]

I have to ask who is running this country and the world for that matter. How can there be so much war, disease, poverty and the extreme diminishing of our not only constitutional rights our divine rights. How can anyone in their right mind continue to be a willing participant in supporting such a psychopathic regime. This is exactly the problem so few are in their right mind. Remember the basics? Right thinking, right living, right action etc. Being loving and kind to humanity and the earth. How about the unified field where upon now even the scientists are understanding God, Creator, Great Spirit the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse. The 9th wave, unity consciousness the Mayans speak of is in full force. It is exponentially increasing. Great waves of energy are coming in from galactic plane and Alcyone. One peaked just after Thanksgiving, another is building now exponentially stronger peaking just after Christmas.

[What the hell are you talking about James? Great waves of energy  from (the) galactic plane? You mean energy (what kind of energy?) was  sent out a few MILLION years ago? Just so you could “sense it” or whatever it is you do? 


Is there any doubt why things are getting a little crazy. The whole solar system is in process. The changes are upon us and this includes social, economic and physical earth changes. The last time I checked 12 volcanoes were erupting this does not include what is going on underwater.

[Last time I checked, volcanoes are erupting all the time and the fact the 12  erupting right now is not statistically significant.

That’s fancy way of saying “so?”]

There are massive fish die-offs, birds are falling from the sky,

[apparently you have never been to Chicago.] 

Moose are dying along with other large mammals and it is not looking to good for humanity.

[Wait -f’kn MOOSE  are dying and that doesn’t look good for humanity?

“A moose bit my sister once, no really!”]

The chemtrails, carsenogenic additives to the food and water, GMOs designed to terminate and sterilize humanity, deadly innoculations all point to one thing.

[Carcinogenic is spelled “carcinogenic.” Inoculations is spelled “inoculations. Chemtrails don’t exist funny-boy.

By the way, did you knew WATER is a chemical compound? It’s true! Those white fluffy things overhead? Those are CHEMCLOUDS!

Chemclouds! I like that,  I must use it somewhere]

We are governed by psychopaths, genocidal maniacs who care nothing for humanity and the earth and seem to feed off the pain and suffering. These actions are inhuman. Did the light go on.

[I have to agree with you there James. Only a nutball would want to go into politics.]

If these actions are inhuman than who is behind them. The archons and their human minions.

[Archons? You mean leaders in general or those reptile guys that David Iche babbles about?

(Oh Farquan!)]

It is time for the good people to rise, no longer participate, use peaceful opposition and refuse to engage or support a system that is inhuman. Be well,

James Gilliland

[Moral to this story my happy Funseekers? “Don’t post when you are drunk!”

Now- let me be perfectly clear; I don’t know that James was drunk when he wrote that, or whatever. But damn – James. Don’t eat the worm!  (shucks!) 

The Odd Emperor.]