Orbiter – the Movie

I don’t often critique movies,

But this one?

Oh boy!

I can see the pitch meetings now.

“It’s a mashup of Left Behind and Gravity! Without or Sandra Bullock, It’s a “faith-based” spaaaaace adventure! It’s sure to bring all the Science Fiction nerds and born again Christians back to the theater again and again! It can’t miss!”

“WTF is a “faith-based” movie anyway?” I asked.

Lucky for me  the web page has this nifty answer.

The “faith-based” movie genre is the new success market in the U.S. and in many areas of the world. To be sure, it requires knowledge of the audience base from an inside perspective, and with sincerity and belief.

Really? it requires knowledge of the audience?” Like they should be fluent in English? Have some foreknowledge of western culture and know a little bit about Science Fiction?

Ah – no silly person!

You have to believe….. in Jesus!

Frankly, having a prerequisite belief of JESUS in spaaaace seems to be asking a bit much.

But this is OrbiTer ™, the movie. Not to be confused with Orbiter the open source space simulation program. OrbiTer ™ is the brainchild of filmmaker David Rosler. He did some storyboard work on The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers. He directed “Saturday Morning ” (which seemed to be a C grade comedy direct to DVD.) Something called The First Men on the Moon and the animated “Everyone’s Hero.” (Although he doesn’t seem to actually appear in the credits.)

Don’t worry about not hearing about any of these. I’ve never heard of them either, with the exception of Galaxy Rangers. That one I pretty much ignored because cartoons of people on robot horses is kind of a non-starter.

Now he’s working on his magnum opus. A film that is sure to bring all the nerds –
TO JESUS – in spaaaaace no-less!

OrbiTer ™ is little more than a trailer at this point. Actually far less than a trailer. He’s got a couple of actors working in green-screen sets with photos of the International Space Station plastered in the background. Some awful looking CGI of people in space suits paddling around like they were in a swimming pool. Actors discussing their Bibles on the ISS with lots of CGI junk spinning in the background. Closeups of the evil and probably atheist Russians. CGI of the ISS burning (in spaaaace!) Newsreel footage of North Korean troops and armored personnel carriers. More fire in space. More CGI of people firing guns in space and other absurd things.

It’s not very impressive frankly. What’s even less impressive is the general plot, which like I said seems to be an action movie set on the ISS when the Rapture, WWIII, the second coming, the last trump, the Vogon Constructor Fleet, giant space goats or  whatever is taking place – takes place!

In spaaaaaace!

About the production, should David ever get the 100 bazzilion he needs to shoot this thing-

“David has a written agreement with a nation-wide youth organization. This means completion of OrbiTer ™ also helps many young men and women help to recover their lives by, in-part- working on OrbiTer ™. “

Um, yeah. That sounds like taking advantage of cheap labor to me. I wonder if the Screen Actors Guild  heard of this? And do  “young men and women” NEED to recover their lives by working on an indie movie?

Oh yeah. It’s a Christian thing I suppose.

“As the trailer proves, the special effects in 3D has received opinions that  appear unanimous: the special effects in the Orbiter compare very favorably with the best, last word in outer space special effects movies, 7-time Academy Award winner, “Gravity”.

Well the CGI is OK I guess. It’s not really industry standard even compared to Gravity (which was industry standard back in 2012.)

Gravity had good special effects for the time and Sandra Bulloc too. But other than the CGI stuff, Gravity was a pretty lame attempt at depicting real spacecraft or NASA operations or much of anything else. Satellites don’t orbit close enough to easily transfer from one to another.  Orbital space is like a vast ocean, about 1000 times larger than all the oceans on the Earth. It’s vary rare that stuff runs into other stuff (and yet, humanity is managing to put SO much junk up there that this won’t always be true.) Perhaps Sandra Bulloc should be careful!

But, people in space suits paddling around like they were in a swimming pool? I haven’t seen special effects like that since the Japanese film Message From Space!

Also, David keeps repeating this thing about “everyone agrees his special effects are really special” and that a horde of physicists think the fire in space and guy paddling around in the swimming pool are really keen! After being questions as to who these physicists were, David angrily started asking people where they worked and lots of other personnel questions.

. Presumably NOT to send them flowers!

“Large theater chains in the United States have been contacted and the project discussed, and are ready and willing to accept David as the distributor of OrbiTer ™, a critical financial aspect insomuch as delivery to a hungry audience is essentially assured, bypassing the usual confiscatory third-party distributor in the U.S. theatrical market. “

This sounds pretty dodgy to me. David Rosler  is the producer, director AND distributor of this thing? I’m surprised he’s not starring in it too.

And “hungry audiences?” Hungry for Left Behind in space?  It would seem that reality is a bit more fickle!

In David’s Gofundme page, he seems very upset about the unfair treatment he supposedly got on Twitter and Facebook when he tried to peddle his film.

“The critics of the world just aren’t interested a couple of obvious shill antagonists tell me – they speak, no one else does. Not in any movie site. not in any Christian site. Except once, when I posted to a proudly agnostic facebook group, that group saw it. And as expected, some haters piled on. What I think no one expected was the degree of support it got. 600 posts, 35 positive emojis on the main post 15 negatives. AAT WHICH POINT THE THREAD WAS CLOSED FOR ANY MORE COMMENTS. That is How orbiter SHOULD be seen on facebook. Instead, except for one facebook group in which it would have been easy to anticipate scathing negatives in which there are 600 posts of all varieties, we get NOTHING. Nothing on evangelical groups. Nothing in prayer groups. Nothing in MOVIE groups! NOTHING. ZERO. NOT A SINGLE CRITIC. Not a single know-it-all. NOTHING. BASICALLY A TOTAL FACEBOOK BLACKOUT.”

I actually saw the Facebook post he was referring to. It’s in a forum where people talk about their favorite (or not so favorite) Science Fiction books and films. Spam is not encouraged and David’s bald faced sales pitch for funding was not appreciated!

But even worse! David Rosler thinks there is a conspiracy afoot! A conspiracy designed to thwart him from his sacred US Constitutionals rights which were handed down by God himself – or so it would seem.

it has been said that the social media giants can do whatever they want because they’re privately owned companies. that is a ridiculous fallacy. To begin with, it is illegal to conspire to deny anyone a constitutional right under any circumstance whatsoever, regardless of the venue, according ti Title 18, section 241 of the criminal code. And conspiracy has a very broad definition which plainly includes what has been happening on social media.

David Rosler believes (like most people) that Facebook and Twitter are have something to do with their first amendments rights. That they are public utilities and not private corporations. But he also believes in a benevolent sky-man who forgives him for creating a lot of spam on aforementioned social media sites. Also Jesus will forgive him for behaving like a douchbag. Jesus will forgive him for creating fake accounts on Facebook in order to spam groups with his nonsense.

The Internet on he other hand?

So let’s see if I can get this straight.OrbiTer ™ is a “faith based” Christian film that is something like a cross between Left Behind and Gravity. Left Behind being a Nicolas Cage vehicle which nobody watched and Gravity being a Science Fiction exploitation disaster picture which, other than looking great and thrilling audiences (by looking great mostly) it had about as much plot as five minutes of Requiem for a Dream.

But Produce Director, Publicity Director, and probably Star David Rosler thinks he can wow the same nerds who liked Gravity by mashing up a lot of dismal end-times and Jesus bullshit. Without Nicolas Cage!

Oh and David Rosler still thinks 3D films are pretty keen too. That explains a lot!

Somehow; I don’t think the SiFy nerds are going to go for this.

I think this is the kind of nerd he is looking for!

But, if you give  David Rosler lots of money, you might get this fabulous collector coffee mug!


Sounds legit!


If you go there. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom where David’s very professional “trash the detractors page is.”

House Cleaning

Quite a lot of house cleaning as it were. Technical stuff? Server moves of my hosting service produce strange anomalies in the database causing random “objects” to appear in the text making it nearly unreadable. I’ve been trying various cures for this. Nothing seemed to work outside of brute force (ie) just going in and editing out the junk.

In the mean-time I’ve gotten to know this blog all over again. I don’t know if that’s a good thing – for some. It’s a good thing for me though.

Share and enjoy!

Virtue of Spirit.

Here we have something befitting the description of a “a train wreak.” It doesn’t help that the site was created using Wix. Proving that not everyone can create a great website using Wix. Case in point.

Monsanto, a Government Agency spray aluminum and lithium in the air using military aircraft and commercial flights with active programs for daily chem-trails with the objective to hide the signs and detection of Nibiru increasing the environments metal content harnessing the ultimate plan to fuel the nano-chips and render effective control of man and his thoughts.

Monsanto a government agency? I bet that’s news to the Government (Monsanto too.)  Monsanto is an evil, greedy, corporation (which revolutionized genetic crop manipulation multiplying by many times, yields which coi9ncedentaly saved millions from starvation. Not that this is important to anyone!)

 For some strange reason – most of the photos of this fellow is with his shirt off.
 Technical analysis.

This web page is pretty lame even by Wix standards. Sure embedded videos work fin on Wix, just not fifty of them at one time!

But here you have every pro-consperecy video in one place! How convenient is that? Sure the vids are occasionally blocking the text, but all the text is the same inane blathering anyway.

Like this!

The END                                         GAME OVER

Nibiru is a solar system that is heading on a trajectory course with Earth with six alien planets entering our solar system ever 3600 years already present in our solar system creating a catastrophic siesmic (sic) polar shift reaking (sic) havock (sic) with our World. The event will trigger an electro-magnetic wave that will bring on death, cautious and destruction dessimating (sic) 80% of Earths population. The trajectory with Earth has been scientifically proven and now accurately predicted for the 05th of October 2017. We can not runaway from GOD only prepare and wait. Is it too late for humanity, its never to late to save your soul that will only transcend with and through the blood of Jesus. “

Oh dear me! That’s pretty harsh. And since I’m writing this in November of 2017, I must already be dead!

  So- if you really want to find out about Jesus, chemtrailes, UFOS, Fluoride poisoning, The Illuminate, The Devil, the last days and just about any other conspiracy theory? This might be a good place to start!


Now where did I put my ice-cream scoops?


Web Page Review – Planet X – the 2017 Arrival.

This is the webpage of one David Meade. He’s a religious numerologist (whatever that might be) and has created quite a stir with predictions that the tribulation, end of the world or something will be happening in late September of 2017 (around tea time presumably.) Basically he’s one of those guys who thinks Planet X is going to swoop into our solar-system  undetected and  crash into the Earth or something. What is Planet X?  Nobody can say for sure. It could be a large planet, it could be a small star. But everyone seems to agree that Planet X behaves like no other known astronomical object since it can magically appear where ever it’s convenient without all of that tedious mucking about with orbits.

Now who is David Meade?

“By profession, David Meade is a research scientist, holding a master’s degree in statistics, his background in research and experimental design has enabled him to develop a unique and powerful approach to Pinewood Derby racing. He also enjoys model rocketry and astronomy.”

Um, OK. I suppose statistics might help in scientific research. But I can’t say that Pinewood derby racing and model rocketry gives him a leg up in the Scientific community. Hell I’ve done both of those things – when I was a child!

But all of this somehow gives David Meade credibility to say – something. But what is he saying? The Earth will end on September 23rd. Or maybe not. The Earth will begin to end on September 23rd. Or maybe some other date. Or nothing at all is going to happen in September. Or October. The Planet Wormwood will cause solar flares. You should buy his book. If you believe in UFOs this won’t make any sense.  The end times is taught in Sunday school and must all be accurate because Hollywood. It’s sad that people nowadays don’t have critical thinking, not like those people in WWII! Very sad!

You get the idea. It’s really just a horrid mishmash of end times prophesy and stuff about invisible planets hurling around the solar system. Nothing really to see here.


The Long-dark Teatime of Sean David Morton

Now here’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. Sean David Morton was a fellow who called himself “America’s Prophet.” He’s been on Ancient Aliens and drivel of that sort (they take just about anyone.) He and I had some interesting  amusing  conversations many moons ago.

But like most “amusing” people. Sean David Morton  faded back into obscurity – at least to me. My brain has only a limited about of clock cycles for idiots and Sean David Morton  used up his allotment long ago.

Times have been tough for Sean David Morton.

“Morton and his wife Melissa were arrested on January 31, 2016 after having been charged with 51 counts of uttering false instruments, 4 counts of filing false federal income tax returns or other federal tax documents, and one count of conspiracy to defraud the Internal Revenue Service.[14][15] The latter charge originated because the Mortons filed several tax returns claiming refunds due on non-existent overpayments. In one such case the IRS failed to cross-check sufficiently and actually issued a check for $480,323, which the Mortons immediately transferred into other accounts. “


Problem was, Sean David Morton suddenly didn’t have the 400k any more, he offered bonds and coupons based on his Federal Corporate Shell account. That should appease the IRS right? I mean they deal in Federal Corporate Shell accounts all the time. Since we all know the IRS is a fake arm of the Federal Government which tricks people into handing over their hard-earned money.

I tried to look up Federal Corporate Shell accounts and found Google was a bit blank on the subject I so I consulted my legal team, the law firm of  Labrusky, Skinflint, Shyster and his larger brother Leo. The three senor member of the team were busy with something (I didn’t inquire what, it’s better that way.) But the Jr legal team member Leo sat down and explained it to me thus.

“This  Federal Corporate Shell account thing is all a bunch of crap boss! You shouldn’t waste any time on it.”

“That’s not very helpful” I said.

“Well,” said Leo Shyster. “it’s complicated and really really stupid! I can’ think of a worse combination.”

“Can you break it down so even I can understand it? ” I asked.

“Well maybe. But you better give the disclaimer first.” He replied.

“OK, ” I said.

The following is not to be construed as legal advice, it is for entertainment only! 

“Now,” said Leo “This junk goes back to the Posse Comitatus movement of the 1970s. Posse Comitatus was a ultra-right wing Christian terrorist organization that was founded by William Potter Gale. He was a Christian-racist identity guru who taught that blacks and Jews were the spawn of Satan or some other dumb shit. That didn’t go over too well but the movement really took off when he connected his racist junk with anti-tax junk.”

“Then” continued Leo.” he started blathering about citizens’ governments and that sort of thing. It spiraled out of control when some of his followers killed a couple of Federal Marshals. After that the movement kinda sputtered out. “

“So that was the end of the Posse Comitatus movement? What does that have to do with Sean David Morton and Federal Corporate Shell accounts?” I asked.

“Well everything!” Said Leo. “The movement died out – almost. The ideas lived on. I mean the whole thing is really just  thinly disguised racist bullshit. They contend that after the US Civil War the government bought back all the people who were enslaved by selling US citizens into a kind of involuntary servitude and using them as collateral for international loans. The so-called Sovereign Citizens claim that they can use magical incantations that sound like Latin legal terms to access the 6 to 40 million dollars that they believe the US sold each of them for. Then in almost the same breath they claim that they are not US citizens, that US law doesn’t apply to them which makes them free to issue things like phony money or fake bonds.”

“Whew! Sounds pretty bizarre!” I said.

“It gets even worse.” said Leo. “People seem to fall for this kind of rot during hard times  Farmers and people living in the rural US have seen their labor devalued or just evaporate over the years. They get deeply in debt to the point of desperation. Then these Sovereign Citizen bozos come along and tell ’em that they owe phony money to a phony government which owes THEM real money after having invested in their potential labor since childbirth. It’s beguiling to some people I guess. It’s really frustrating to law enforcement people and courts system. These folks become what’s called paper terrorists, flooding the courts with frivolous and retarded motions to waste time. This is after they manage to bilk folks out of a lot of money for phony advice.

“That sounds about right” I said. “Sean David Morton did describe himself as a  paper terrorist.”

“See?” Said Leo. “He’s following the pattern. The problem with these delusions are, that once people like that get cornered by law enforcement, the courts or whatnot you they can lash out with violence. There have been hundreds of cases where folks have been murdered over such crap. The pattern seems to be that, when people start this kind of nonsense, courts take therm seriously at first. Then after a while it becomes clear that the perps are not reasonable and they start ramping up their demands so that the courts have no choice but to lower the boom on them.

“Do you think Sean David Morton will respond in a violent way?” I asked.

“What do I look like “ said Leo, ” a headshrinker? I don’t think he’s got a history of violence, but you can’t rule it out. Many people who fall down that Sovereign Citizen rat-hole are also gun nuts. In other words they don’t acknowledge the Federal Government but they DO believe parts of the Federal Constitution, particularly Amendment 2 of the Bill of Rights which they think Moses brought down from the mountain written by the fiery hand of God or some jazz. And you gotta wonder about a fellow who chose to represent himself in something as complicated 56 fraud charges and attempting to defraud the IRS.Or someone who thinks this belongs in a court motion. 

1 ‘Those who emigreted (sic) to this country from England brought with them this great privileges their birthright and inheritance, as a part of that admiralty common law which had fenced around an interposed barriers on every side against the approaches of arbitrary power.’

2. The people of this stake do not yield their sovereignty to to agencies which serve them. The people, in delegating authority, do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is good for them not to know. The people insist on remaining informed so that they may retain control over the  instruments they have created. 

“I mean, I could spend a week on this pile of smoldering horse dung.  And he submitted like five pages of this crap!”

“But what he’s really guilty of in my opinion is bilking a lot of innocent people with his fantasy of defrauding the US Government. He filed a lot of bogus tax returns in the theory that if you throw enough poop at a window, some of it will stick. Then the IRS made a mistake and refunded him over 400 grand, then he had the balls to try and sell his “money making” sekrits to people for thousands of dollars.

This is like a thug training housewives the best ways to knock off liquor stores. ” said Leo. “It goes beyond just criminal, it’s immoral and evil, let alone stupid since the Feds have a lot of people they can put on this kind of thing, once he got their attention.”

“So like I said,” continued Leo Shyster.” You should just leave this crap alone and just concentrate on who’s filming Bigfoot this week. It’s better that way!










Brain Dust

“Brain Dust™ is an enlightening edible formula alchemized to align you with the mighty cosmic flow needed for great achievement. An adaptogenic elixir to maintain healthy systems for superior states of clarity, memory, creativity, alertness and a capacity to handle stress.”

Wow! Now that’s some ad copy. It says nothing but promises – ” healthy systems for superior states of clarity, memory, creativity, alertness and a capacity to handle stress.”

Ingredients: Organic Astragalus, Shilajit, Maca, Lion’s Mane, Rhodiola, Ginkgo, Organic Stevia

Astragalus is an ornamental legume (a bean in other words.) It’s been variously called “locoweed” and “Goat’sThorn.” Nobody really knows it’s potential health benefits, however it’s been used in Chinese medicine. Just might have some anti-aging effects.

Shilajit is a tar that can be found on rocks in the Himalayas. It’s unclear where this stuff actually come from. Most people think it has a plant origin rather than say a mineral seep. There are no known medicinal value which can be attributed to this substance.

Lion’s Mane They probably mean Hericium erinaceus which is a kind of fungus (as apposed to the Lion’s mane jellyfish.) Lion’s Mane is an edible mushroom (basically.) It’s been used in Chinese medicine but nobody really knows what it’s short term or long term effects are.

Rhodiola or Rhodiola rosea  is a flower that grows in the arctic. Thought to help with stress and arctic environments, but there has been no scientific study as yet to it’s effects.

Ginkgo  – Might mean Ginkgo biloba, yet another Chines herb. It’s supposed to improve cognitive functions. Especially in people with dementia. Once again there is no consensus and scientific studies have been mixed.
And last but not least.

Stevia which is a plant sugar. Oh sorry! “Organic Stevia” as apposed to that robot Stevia? Or do the mean “organic” in the sense that “it has carbon?”

Well! That’s impressive (not!) What we have here is an expensive herbal mishmash that costs 30 bucks a can and does? Well other than the sugar it probably does nothing! It probably won’t hurt you.

30 bucks a can? Boy am I in the wrong business!

Faux Science.


What in the world is Faux Science Slayer?

It’s basically a web page of indexed .pdf files authored by one Joseph A Olson, PE. (Professional Engineer.)

This is probably not him. It’s a baby staring at a turtle which may have  something to do with all of this.

Who is Joseph A Olson, PE? Well! He’s a retired civil engineer and active skeptic of everything. Everything pertaining to established science that is. Basically, all science is bunk and only Joseph A Olson, PE’s take on facts is factual. (OK; he never says this, just IMPLIES it over and over again.)

Hey! I like skeptics, I am a skeptic about many things too, but I believe there needs to be a balance between healthy skepticism and  a lack of understanding of the scientific principles.

Joseph A Olson thinks that my idea sucks balls because he understands science better than I do – or anyone else!  And since he understands science better than anyone it’s up to HIM to change how we all think of it.

To enlighten us you understand!

Joseph A Olson, PE believes that healthy skepticism IS the disbelief in the scientific principles and all scientists.

Except the ones he happens to agree with.

Why? Because he writes a lot of essays smarty-pants! And that alone gives him credibility with someone somewhere. At least on Coast to Coast and that’s gotta count for something! See; writing essays MAKES you an expert on science right?. All those liberal turds? Do they write essays explaining scientific blunders?

No? Case closed!

His web page is http://fauxscienceslayer.com/ and this is on the splash.

My site will expose the FAUX SCIENCE that enslaves us all

In the interest of sanity and myth-busting, I herewith record my comments on all FAUX SCIENCE.

It feels like shouting against the wind but I hope that one day the wind will change direction.

We must urgently stop the advance of FAUX SCIENCE, it’s killing us. Think and come aboard!

All things “Green” are not always good and in fact often bad for us and our planet.

See- SEE? He MUST be right about – well everything! and FAUX SCIENCE is in all caps because it’s cooler that way!

Here’s a bit from an article entitled Becoming a TOTAL Earth Science Skeptic.

“At present there are 390 parts per million of life giving CO2 in the atmosphere. Humans inhale this amount and exhale 40,000 PPM. Due to the high cost of ‘scrubbing’ CO2 in a contained environment, our nuclear submarines operate routinely at 8,000 PPM. Every windbag on the Supreme Court produces 100 times the CO2 that they inhale, yet they can tell you that your mothers warm breath on your baby face is a TOXIN !”

Factually; CO2 is a toxin if you get too much of it. Calling it life giving is kind of strange, unless one is an anaerobic bacteria or a plant. Somehow I doubt Joseph A Olson, PE is a vegetable – even if some of his essays are suggestive that he might really be a stalk of broccoli. Then I remember that he’s the most excessive genius of the world and  knows SO much more than those faux smartypants scientists!

Or this

All Carbon Forcing Models ignore ANY internal Earth energy and all fission elemental atom by-products. What began as research into this prime force in all climate change led to the discovery of the truth about the Abiogenic Petroleum production from Earth’s fission by-products. This revelation led to the series of articles under the Peak Oil footnote. Peak Oil is one of the eco-Nazi companion lies. There is more on the Carbon Climate Forcing Lie below, but for now, another companion lie.


Abiogenic Petroleum production is the idea that (somehow) oil and gas are produced by  poorly understood process of atomic fission and/or heat and so it’s NOT fossil fuel at all.

Whew! What a relief! It’s a good thing the Chrysler Corporation produced all of those gas-guzzlers or we would be swimming in the stuff! In fact, there is a great danger that oil and gas are going to be a big problem to dispose of so we NEED to reduce efficiency and burn oil off as soon as possible!

In reality; Abiogenic Petroleum production has some evidence to support it. That being said; it’s not a complete slam-dunk and a LOT of research still needs to be done first. Before – you know! Telling the world and all.

Not so according to Joseph A Olson, PE! Abiogenic Petroleum is more – (um) believable than that other method and if it’s true than “peak oil” and all that other guff is just guff!

But there’s more of Joseph A Olson, PE’s wisdom. Here’s his take on the Big Bang.

And by happy coincidence, out of the 80 billion observable Galaxies, we happened to be in the VERY CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE. 

This, of course, ignores the fact that in any expanding cloud of objects which when originally packed in the center; every object will seem to be at the center of the expansion. But that’s just geometry and who cares about crap like mathematics! It’s probably all common core math anyway! Useless!

Sometimes Joseph A Olson, PE makes sense though. Like this passage in Becoming a TOTAL Earth Science Skeptic.

Law is the only “math-free profession”. You cannot be a professional in medicine, science, engineering or economics without mathematics. What you cannot quantify you can never predict. We have a Supreme Court stocked with justices that could not pass a college entrance exam in science subject, yet when offered the chance to expand government control over Carbon emission readily agreed that CO2 was a toxin.Oh Really !

It kinda-sorta makes sense. But scoffing at people who study law vs people who study science is pretty disingenuous. Kinda like scoffing at plumbers because they aren’t doctors. Law professionals don’t know anything about science! Law professionals should get science questions answered by scientists! Just like a scientist should get law questions answered by legal professionals.  And just perhaps Joseph A Olson, PE might want to get his biology questions answered by biologists or his drains fixed by a plumber? Just a thought! Or maybe – MAYBE Joseph A Olson, PE is an expert on law and plumbing too! 

Or this –

It is possible that this discussion of potential ‘Big Bang’ science tampering will bring forth a superior model of the universe. If it also produces evidence that ‘Big Government’ bought ‘Big Science’ in an effort to promote a ‘Big Lie’ then the ‘Big Bang’ was the template for the ‘Big AGW’ scare. Regardless, the human caused climate change fraud, the AGW hoax, is transparent ‘Bad Science’. There is only one remedy for this behavior. We must go to the polls in November. We must send a message that even a ‘Franken Senator’ can understand.

Um – does any of that have anything to do with any of that or anything else? Voting for science? “Frankenstein” senator? Al Frankon? It doesn’t seem to be related to anything at all except my headache.

Well – you get the idea. Sufficient to say that Joseph A Olson, PE is the DIY expert on everything and nobody else stands up to his excessive genius. Most of the time, people call this “crackpot science.”  The good folks over at Breitbart seem to like him and that’s got to get him some credibility. At Breitebart anyway.

Hooray for Joseph A Olson, PE! Now we can just un-fund all scientific research (especially that evil climate change drek!)

ROLL that coal baby!

The Death of Facts.

I think we are on the cusp of history. Although this “cusp” of history threatens to do away with history altogether! I’m sure a lot of people would be just fine and dandy with that! Who needs all those boring classrooms full of boring teacher droning on the relationships of events and how they affect us today! Well They DON’T affect us To-DAY RIGHT? Who cares what the framers of the US Constitution were thinking. We all know that GOD wrote the Constitution and every other – convenient part of US government documents, like Amendment 2 of the Bill or Rights.

That pesky 13th amendment ?  Not so much!

But facts my funseekers are the real things at risk here and good riddance! Now we can just make declarations and they instantly become facts. Not hard facts mind-you but squishy facts which have to be disproven (presumably so they can become “unfacts.)

So for example; US President elect Donald Trump can say in an office “twitter press release” that “millions of illegal immigrants voted in the last election and that explains the “bogus” lead in the popular vote enjoyed by Hillary Clinton.” It instantly becomes a FACT!

See how easy that is? So Tweets on a twitter account automatically transmit factual information?   Twitter is a hyper Internet TRUTH NETWORK!

If you happen to be Donald Trump that is. He claims that he never lies so anything he says is automatically a FACT, unless he declared that he was telling a lie in which case a large paradox would probably open up and swallow him.

But, lies no longer matter! Only “goodfacts” matter and those goodfacts will be determined by the people in charge! Not by scientists or (shutter) historians! Who wants their blather anyway. It’s going to be so much more comfortable to know that our 1.5 ton pickup (modified to roll-coal on command) is not influencing global warming. Why? Because global warming is a myth dumbass! Trump said so and it must be true! Jobs in the US departed for cheaper climes because of the Liberals. That’s gotta be it! I got laid off from my cushy factory job because Obama is a Muslim and he hates white people! It all makes sense! 

Se how easy that is? You can’t disprove any of those things so they ALL must be true!

Goodfacts rule! Facts suck! Science – sucks too!

Welcome to the world of today! A world of fat middle aged galoots shaking their fists at the libratard academics in their ivory towers. Hating those left wing tyrants in New York City and LA. Resting sure that the TV will tell them of their new tax breaks and the phones going to ring with news of their new factory job.

It’s not a brave new world, it’s a GREAT NEW AMERICA!

Be brave Funseekers!

The Triumph of the Trump

As I’ve said from time to time. I’m not from this planet. I was born to several surrogate parents on a rather large world in orbit of Betelgeuse.  None of which is very important now (for a variety of VERY good reasons.)

What is important about the planet I came from?Just this. The political system is very much like the political system here on Earth in the US.

Just much more evolved.


We have all the same crap you people do. Pundits, demigogs, hamburger clowns, actors, trolls, daredevils, daredevil pundits. Comic pundits, football stars, rock stars, Rock Star Pundits. more trolls, even more trolls! We have extreme right wingers, extreme left wingers and extreme centeretts who can’t figure out whether to put the gin in first or the lime and tonic.

(The answer my funseekers is put the gin in!)

What we don’t have is a lot of whining idiots pining about elections.


It’s simple. Because there is no my guy or my gal or my guy/gal or gal/guy or sexless android, really sexy android or hair covered beast  because ALL of the candidates for “elected” office are fake and voting is a lot like breaking open a pinata.  It’s kind of fun, but in the end it’s just a shower of candy – and candy is bad for you!

Everyone knows it and that’s why we don’t bitch.

Unless your really like candy – in that case have-at-you!

(Mmmm, gin pinatas! Now there’s a thought!)

Politics in other words, is meaningless. People  who don’t participate (and I mean politicians, employees of politicians, interns and lobbyists , also sex workers, (the ones inside the beltway,) caterers, drivers, doormen, tour guides –  all of them have way more influence in your political system than you do.

Your little vote? It means nothing! I’m not saying you shouldn’t vote, but don’t make the mistake in believing that anyone in that seething mass of rat-shit really gives a fig about you (unless you fail to pay your taxes.)

Your President and Federal Representatives? They have two functions in this order.
(1) They are to entertain the masses and –
(2) Keep the spice flowing (that tax money I mentioned.) Keep it flowing to the people who REALLY run your country. The bankers and military contractors. The owners of your media and your sports franchises. Your military-police-industrial complex and your private prison corporations.

YOU people have no control over this! Not unless you go join the fun yourself!

Sure you could protest! You could make some clever signagemarch up and down main-street and even start a couple of dumpster fires if you want. It won’t  change anything, but it will give your media something to pay attention to and it might help enrich your  military-police-industrial complex.

If you burn too many dumpsters.

But YOU PEOPLE have about as much to say about your political system as a pack of prairie dogs have to say about the route of a new oil pipeline. In fact the prairie dogs might actually have more say because they are cute!

Buck it up! Things only get crazier from this point out.

Get some GOOD gin!

Happy trails funseekers!

– The Odd Emperor.