Brain Dust

“Brain Dust™ is an enlightening edible formula alchemized to align you with the mighty cosmic flow needed for great achievement. An adaptogenic elixir to maintain healthy systems for superior states of clarity, memory, creativity, alertness and a capacity to handle stress.”

Wow! Now that’s some ad copy. It says nothing but promises – ” healthy systems for superior states of clarity, memory, creativity, alertness and a capacity to handle stress.”

Ingredients: Organic Astragalus, Shilajit, Maca, Lion’s Mane, Rhodiola, Ginkgo, Organic Stevia

Astragalus is an ornamental legume (a bean in other words.) It’s been variously called “locoweed” and “Goat’sThorn.” Nobody really knows it’s potential health benefits, however it’s been used in Chinese medicine. Just might have some anti-aging effects.

Shilajit is a tar that can be found on rocks in the Himalayas. It’s unclear where this stuff actually come from. Most people think it has a plant origin rather than say a mineral seep. There are no known medicinal value which can be attributed to this substance.

Lion’s Mane They probably mean Hericium erinaceus which is a kind of fungus (as apposed to the Lion’s mane jellyfish.) Lion’s Mane is an edible mushroom (basically.) It’s been used in Chinese medicine but nobody really knows what it’s short term or long term effects are.

Rhodiola or Rhodiola rosea  is a flower that grows in the arctic. Thought to help with stress and arctic environments, but there has been no scientific study as yet to it’s effects.

Ginkgo  – Might mean Ginkgo biloba, yet another Chines herb. It’s supposed to improve cognitive functions. Especially in people with dementia. Once again there is no consensus and scientific studies have been mixed.
And last but not least.

Stevia which is a plant sugar. Oh sorry! “Organic Stevia” as apposed to that robot Stevia? Or do the mean “organic” in the sense that “it has carbon?”

Well! That’s impressive (not!) What we have here is an expensive herbal mishmash that costs 30 bucks a can and does? Well other than the sugar it probably does nothing! It probably won’t hurt you.

30 bucks a can? Boy am I in the wrong business!

Faux Science.


What in the world is Faux Science Slayer?

It’s basically a web page of indexed .pdf files authored by one Joseph A Olson, PE. (Professional Engineer.)

This is probably not him. It’s a baby staring at a turtle which may have  something to do with all of this.

Who is Joseph A Olson, PE? Well! He’s a retired civil engineer and active skeptic of everything. Everything pertaining to established science that is. Basically, all science is bunk and only Joseph A Olson, PE’s take on facts is factual. (OK; he never says this, just IMPLIES it over and over again.)

Hey! I like skeptics, I am a skeptic about many things too, but I believe there needs to be a balance between healthy skepticism and  a lack of understanding of the scientific principles.

Joseph A Olson thinks that my idea sucks balls because he understands science better than I do – or anyone else!  And since he understands science better than anyone it’s up to HIM to change how we all think of it.

To enlighten us you understand!

Joseph A Olson, PE believes that healthy skepticism IS the disbelief in the scientific principles and all scientists.

Except the ones he happens to agree with.

Why? Because he writes a lot of essays smarty-pants! And that alone gives him credibility with someone somewhere. At least on Coast to Coast and that’s gotta count for something! See; writing essays MAKES you an expert on science right?. All those liberal turds? Do they write essays explaining scientific blunders?

No? Case closed!

His web page is and this is on the splash.

My site will expose the FAUX SCIENCE that enslaves us all

In the interest of sanity and myth-busting, I herewith record my comments on all FAUX SCIENCE.

It feels like shouting against the wind but I hope that one day the wind will change direction.

We must urgently stop the advance of FAUX SCIENCE, it’s killing us. Think and come aboard!

All things “Green” are not always good and in fact often bad for us and our planet.

See- SEE? He MUST be right about – well everything! and FAUX SCIENCE is in all caps because it’s cooler that way!

Here’s a bit from an article entitled Becoming a TOTAL Earth Science Skeptic.

“At present there are 390 parts per million of life giving CO2 in the atmosphere. Humans inhale this amount and exhale 40,000 PPM. Due to the high cost of ‘scrubbing’ CO2 in a contained environment, our nuclear submarines operate routinely at 8,000 PPM. Every windbag on the Supreme Court produces 100 times the CO2 that they inhale, yet they can tell you that your mothers warm breath on your baby face is a TOXIN !”

Factually; CO2 is a toxin if you get too much of it. Calling it life giving is kind of strange, unless one is an anaerobic bacteria or a plant. Somehow I doubt Joseph A Olson, PE is a vegetable – even if some of his essays are suggestive that he might really be a stalk of broccoli. Then I remember that he’s the most excessive genius of the world and  knows SO much more than those faux smartypants scientists!

Or this

All Carbon Forcing Models ignore ANY internal Earth energy and all fission elemental atom by-products. What began as research into this prime force in all climate change led to the discovery of the truth about the Abiogenic Petroleum production from Earth’s fission by-products. This revelation led to the series of articles under the Peak Oil footnote. Peak Oil is one of the eco-Nazi companion lies. There is more on the Carbon Climate Forcing Lie below, but for now, another companion lie.


Abiogenic Petroleum production is the idea that (somehow) oil and gas are produced by  poorly understood process of atomic fission and/or heat and so it’s NOT fossil fuel at all.

Whew! What a relief! It’s a good thing the Chrysler Corporation produced all of those gas-guzzlers or we would be swimming in the stuff! In fact, there is a great danger that oil and gas are going to be a big problem to dispose of so we NEED to reduce efficiency and burn oil off as soon as possible!

In reality; Abiogenic Petroleum production has some evidence to support it. That being said; it’s not a complete slam-dunk and a LOT of research still needs to be done first. Before – you know! Telling the world and all.

Not so according to Joseph A Olson, PE! Abiogenic Petroleum is more – (um) believable than that other method and if it’s true than “peak oil” and all that other guff is just guff!

But there’s more of Joseph A Olson, PE’s wisdom. Here’s his take on the Big Bang.

And by happy coincidence, out of the 80 billion observable Galaxies, we happened to be in the VERY CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE. 

This, of course, ignores the fact that in any expanding cloud of objects which when originally packed in the center; every object will seem to be at the center of the expansion. But that’s just geometry and who cares about crap like mathematics! It’s probably all common core math anyway! Useless!

Sometimes Joseph A Olson, PE makes sense though. Like this passage in Becoming a TOTAL Earth Science Skeptic.

Law is the only “math-free profession”. You cannot be a professional in medicine, science, engineering or economics without mathematics. What you cannot quantify you can never predict. We have a Supreme Court stocked with justices that could not pass a college entrance exam in science subject, yet when offered the chance to expand government control over Carbon emission readily agreed that CO2 was a toxin.Oh Really !

It kinda-sorta makes sense. But scoffing at people who study law vs people who study science is pretty disingenuous. Kinda like scoffing at plumbers because they aren’t doctors. Law professionals don’t know anything about science! Law professionals should get science questions answered by scientists! Just like a scientist should get law questions answered by legal professionals.  And just perhaps Joseph A Olson, PE might want to get his biology questions answered by biologists or his drains fixed by a plumber? Just a thought! Or maybe – MAYBE Joseph A Olson, PE is an expert on law and plumbing too! 

Or this –

It is possible that this discussion of potential ‘Big Bang’ science tampering will bring forth a superior model of the universe. If it also produces evidence that ‘Big Government’ bought ‘Big Science’ in an effort to promote a ‘Big Lie’ then the ‘Big Bang’ was the template for the ‘Big AGW’ scare. Regardless, the human caused climate change fraud, the AGW hoax, is transparent ‘Bad Science’. There is only one remedy for this behavior. We must go to the polls in November. We must send a message that even a ‘Franken Senator’ can understand.

Um – does any of that have anything to do with any of that or anything else? Voting for science? “Frankenstein” senator? Al Frankon? It doesn’t seem to be related to anything at all except my headache.

Well – you get the idea. Sufficient to say that Joseph A Olson, PE is the DIY expert on everything and nobody else stands up to his excessive genius. Most of the time, people call this “crackpot science.”  The good folks over at Breitbart seem to like him and that’s got to get him some credibility. At Breitebart anyway.

Hooray for Joseph A Olson, PE! Now we can just un-fund all scientific research (especially that evil climate change drek!)

ROLL that coal baby!

The Death of Facts.

I think we are on the cusp of history. Although this “cusp” of history threatens to do away with history altogether! I’m sure a lot of people would be just fine and dandy with that! Who needs all those boring classrooms full of boring teacher droning on the relationships of events and how they affect us today! Well They DON’T affect us To-DAY RIGHT? Who cares what the framers of the US Constitution were thinking. We all know that GOD wrote the Constitution and every other – convenient part of US government documents, like Amendment 2 of the Bill or Rights.

That pesky 13th amendment ?  Not so much!

But facts my funseekers are the real things at risk here and good riddance! Now we can just make declarations and they instantly become facts. Not hard facts mind-you but squishy facts which have to be disproven (presumably so they can become “unfacts.)

So for example; US President elect Donald Trump can say in an office “twitter press release” that “millions of illegal immigrants voted in the last election and that explains the “bogus” lead in the popular vote enjoyed by Hillary Clinton.” It instantly becomes a FACT!

See how easy that is? So Tweets on a twitter account automatically transmit factual information?   Twitter is a hyper Internet TRUTH NETWORK!

If you happen to be Donald Trump that is. He claims that he never lies so anything he says is automatically a FACT, unless he declared that he was telling a lie in which case a large paradox would probably open up and swallow him.

But, lies no longer matter! Only “goodfacts” matter and those goodfacts will be determined by the people in charge! Not by scientists or (shutter) historians! Who wants their blather anyway. It’s going to be so much more comfortable to know that our 1.5 ton pickup (modified to roll-coal on command) is not influencing global warming. Why? Because global warming is a myth dumbass! Trump said so and it must be true! Jobs in the US departed for cheaper climes because of the Liberals. That’s gotta be it! I got laid off from my cushy factory job because Obama is a Muslim and he hates white people! It all makes sense! 

Se how easy that is? You can’t disprove any of those things so they ALL must be true!

Goodfacts rule! Facts suck! Science – sucks too!

Welcome to the world of today! A world of fat middle aged galoots shaking their fists at the libratard academics in their ivory towers. Hating those left wing tyrants in New York City and LA. Resting sure that the TV will tell them of their new tax breaks and the phones going to ring with news of their new factory job.

It’s not a brave new world, it’s a GREAT NEW AMERICA!

Be brave Funseekers!

The Triumph of the Trump

As I’ve said from time to time. I’m not from this planet. I was born to several surrogate parents on a rather large world in orbit of Betelgeuse.  None of which is very important now (for a variety of VERY good reasons.)

What is important about the planet I came from?Just this. The political system is very much like the political system here on Earth in the US.

Just much more evolved.


We have all the same crap you people do. Pundits, demigogs, hamburger clowns, actors, trolls, daredevils, daredevil pundits. Comic pundits, football stars, rock stars, Rock Star Pundits. more trolls, even more trolls! We have extreme right wingers, extreme left wingers and extreme centeretts who can’t figure out whether to put the gin in first or the lime and tonic.

(The answer my funseekers is put the gin in!)

What we don’t have is a lot of whining idiots pining about elections.


It’s simple. Because there is no my guy or my gal or my guy/gal or gal/guy or sexless android, really sexy android or hair covered beast  because ALL of the candidates for “elected” office are fake and voting is a lot like breaking open a pinata.  It’s kind of fun, but in the end it’s just a shower of candy – and candy is bad for you!

Everyone knows it and that’s why we don’t bitch.

Unless your really like candy – in that case have-at-you!

(Mmmm, gin pinatas! Now there’s a thought!)

Politics in other words, is meaningless. People  who don’t participate (and I mean politicians, employees of politicians, interns and lobbyists , also sex workers, (the ones inside the beltway,) caterers, drivers, doormen, tour guides –  all of them have way more influence in your political system than you do.

Your little vote? It means nothing! I’m not saying you shouldn’t vote, but don’t make the mistake in believing that anyone in that seething mass of rat-shit really gives a fig about you (unless you fail to pay your taxes.)

Your President and Federal Representatives? They have two functions in this order.
(1) They are to entertain the masses and –
(2) Keep the spice flowing (that tax money I mentioned.) Keep it flowing to the people who REALLY run your country. The bankers and military contractors. The owners of your media and your sports franchises. Your military-police-industrial complex and your private prison corporations.

YOU people have no control over this! Not unless you go join the fun yourself!

Sure you could protest! You could make some clever signagemarch up and down main-street and even start a couple of dumpster fires if you want. It won’t  change anything, but it will give your media something to pay attention to and it might help enrich your  military-police-industrial complex.

If you burn too many dumpsters.

But YOU PEOPLE have about as much to say about your political system as a pack of prairie dogs have to say about the route of a new oil pipeline. In fact the prairie dogs might actually have more say because they are cute!

Buck it up! Things only get crazier from this point out.

Get some GOOD gin!

Happy trails funseekers!

– The Odd Emperor.

The Bakker Act

Jim Bakker – you remember him! From puppet show, to 700 club to PTL Ministries to Heratage USA. Jim and Tammy Fey Bakker raked in the bucks. Then something happened. Scandal, Jessica Haun, divorce and disgrace.  Even prison.



But you can’t keep a good profit (or prophet) down.

After all Jim hears the voice of God, when he’s alone or even in the bathtub!

Now Jim is back and he’s here to sell you prepper food!
Let that sink in for a moment. Jim Bakker is trying to sell freeze dried prepper food to people who don’t make the rapture.

I mean really! Jim Bakker has always been a ballsy con man. Ready to say and do whatever it take to get his marks to send in the bucks. For Jesus you understand! And his lifestyle and don’t forget the air conditioned dog houses..

But here’s something that will be very useful in the dark days when the dogs AC runs out of power. Jim Bakker prepper food! How is this different than any prepper food you can buy at your local Costco?


I mean, it’s got kinda the same stuff. It’s got the same shelf life and it’s in the same plastic buckets (which can be used for percussion instruments OR for poop.)

Oh but this prepper food is very special! It’s because JIM  himself endorses and blesses it. You can’t have enough anointed prepper food around your house! Let’s see what’s inside.

Jim’s 76th Birthday 50 Day Sampler Bucket
Menu Item                               Servings

buttermilk Pancakes                   6
Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal    10
Chocolate Pudding                     5
Whey Milk                                  20
Creamy Chicken & Rice            8
Hearty Vegetable Chicken         8
Creamy Potato Soup                  8
Creamy Stroganoff                     8
Fettuccine Alfredo                      8
Italiano Marinara                         4
Black Bean Burger                     6
Chicken Noodle Soup                4
Corn Chowder                           4
Macaroni Elbows                     15
Cheese Powder                       15
Banana Chips                           8
Instant White Rice                   10
Instant Mashed Potatoes        7.5

Mmmm Mm! I’ve seen the Apocalypse and it’s going to be TASTY! 

You can have parties!” chortals Bakker. “Eat like a king! When the world is falling apart!” “It’s going to be more valuable than gold!” For only $2000 you can stock up on eight years of this stuff (which has an eight year shelf-life.) I suppose that’s a good thing if there’s an apocalypse!  Jim says you should make sure you get a collapsible shovel, to mix the ingredients (I’m not making this up) He actually does this with a butload of rice in a large shitcan. (Oh – perhaps I soulden’t use the term “butload” in regards to food-prep. My bad! )  Better yet, get two shovels, use one for (you know!) and the other to mix your prepper food. Just don’t mix the shovels up!

“It’s – so – good!” exclaimed Jim Bakker.

Well – not so much. Chef Greg Lauro analysed the food and his assessment? “This is basically just garbage, “he says. ” if the end of the world happens you might as well die in a ditch rather than eat this stuff! Also if you have any soy or wheat allergies you’re just out of luck.”

Whoah! I had no idea that God favored those who were not Celiac. But holy survival rations that don’t even taste good? Noxious Manna? Jim! How could you?

I mean really! If your are going to sell prepper supplies to the damned in your congregation. So that they can live like (comparative) kings while the tribulation takes place all around them. Can’t they at least be GOOD prepper supplies.

On the other hand – they happen to be sinners. Why not sell them shit food. Jim’s sold them shit-condos and shit salvation. 

Be good Funseekers!

The Risk of Fame


If you have been paying a little attention to YouTube drama. You may have noticed a tea-pot tempest with a hoard of offended feminists and feminist offenders on one side and YouTube commentator Thunderf00t on the other. Seems that thunderf00t pissed off the wrong people eh?

Well – not exactly. TF_in_mur

The simple truth is -Thunderf00t happens  guilty as sin (as a matter of fact.) Of three huge transgressions!

  1. He’s very intelligent, more than they are.
  2. He’s more articulate than they are
  3. He tends to call people on their bullshit.

So, predictably he gets into little flame wars where he calls somebody on their bullshit, (like Anita Sarkeesian)  the “somebody’s” fanboys (or fan girls) make (sometimes) semi retarded comments on his YouTube channel. He responds with calling out their bullshit and the cycle continues. It continues until “somebody” responds directly to him – he of course responds calling out their bullshit directly which inflames somebody’s fanboy and girls even more.

One of these fan entities is a sort-of anonymous YouTuber called “Bewildered Ape” who may or may not be the pen-name of another character in this little drama. Bewildered Ape (BE) seems to delight in making a host of unfounded statements (like atheists on YouTube are all potential mass murderers because some recent mass murderers were both atheists and YouTubers.) BE tangled with thunderf00t on several occasions which culminated in him (her or it) sending letters to TF’s employers to try and get him fired.

Another was a complete goof called “HannibalThevictor13” (HV) who took umbrage to TF’s calling out a couple of feminist YouTubers – this was during the so-called “gamergate” affair when just hoisting a shingle saying one is a feminist and feminist supporter would get one viewers. HV found an old interview with TF where he was asked some convoluted question about Natzi Germany and what kind of role he might have played in that regime. TF (as I recall) answered … more or less honestly saying he didn’t know. He also mentioned somewhere that Hitler never killed any Jews (which is literally true.) Hitler was RESPONSIBLE for the German programs of the 1930s and 40s. Hitler was also responsible for Godwin’s law (which has more to do with this than you might imagine.) 

TF’s foes all called out a mutual “ah ha!” and started branding him a mass murderer of jews (which is patently absurd for a myriad of reasons. ) That’s like saying if one is a US citizen one automatically favors the extermination of native Americans and slavery! I’m well aware that many Amuricans DO favor these things. Let’s just say most people in the US are not particularly proud of their ancestors and don’t bring them around for dinner.

But let’s be honest, none of these characters were after TF because of his opinions. They don’t like him because – he’s a lot smarter than they are, he’s articulate and tends to call them on their bullshit!

Remember that because it’s important.

 So – enter another YouTuber by the nom-de-plume “laughingwitch” (LW) started bashing TF over his calling the bullshit. So; forgetting that TF is a lot smarter than her AND he’s articulate (and he also has a large following) she not only bashed TF (which had no consequence because of the kind of commentary TF is famous for, and he’s smarter than most people and very articulate. So LW started another gambit to “remove TF from YouTube altogether.” She started a letter writing campaign to his employer and the local police –  Informing them  he was a Nazi, that he advocated killing million of jews etc- so fourth. Then she placed her own dox on her YouTube presentation saying she was “the boss of her company and was not afraid that TF could  get HER into trouble for attempting to ruin his life.”

Their logic was thus; if one says something that gets them upset – true or not. It is the person making the statement’s responsibility for ANY action by the viewer (and their upsettedness) from that moment on. They are saying in so many words that  they have no control over themselves. That they are vile puppets of the people they don’t agree with and have no responsibility for their OWN actions therefore.

To quote Thunderf00t  – “bollox!”

Well; TF responded. He displayed the letters that LW wrote including all of the insane accusations. Pointed out that his employer was well aware of his YouTube hobby and should he get fired (which was unlikely) – since he made pretty good money with his YouTube hobby he would just do that full time and make MORE “objectionable” vids for people to complain about. TF also flashed a screenshot of LW’s doxing herself and mentioned that her family business could be in jeopardy due to this kind of harassment and that LW didn’t feel anyone could hurt her.

As any troll might imagine; the internet responded with a loud “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!”

A few people started taking down LW’s plumbing business. Mostly by creating Yelp reviews pointing out that “the boss” of the company liked to harass people whose opinions she didn’t agree with.  The truth mostly.

LW realized that  – hey! Attempting to destroy the reputation and the livelihood of a person with over 40,000 subscribers on YouTube (who’s also smarter than her – very articulate and calls out bullshit) might not be the best idea. She ditched all the stuff on her YouTube channel and responded with a single locked “apology” which falls well short of an apology. Mostly it appeals to TF to call off his massive Internet army and take down his videos about her.

LW (and the real owner of her business, her husband) went to their local news channel to complain about “that bad-bad man who’s harassing them out of business.” Also they’ve been trying to get people to bail them out – for some sort of tax issues that have nothing to do with the harassment.

Also; from some of the things she said. She may actually be the Anon YouTuber BewilderdApe too.

But let’s get back to the root cause of all this. Somebody disagreed with somebody else, they made their case. They offered evidence to back up their case. And that should be it right? Or the target of the disagreement can (and probably should) offer a rebuttal or just go away. But no’; the target gets all bent out of shape, begins a series of personal attack on the disagreer.  

The upshot of all this?

A lot of people on YouTube are behaving just like people who have interest in the paranormal.

This is a cautionary tale.. Not just for the likes of Laughing Witch, Bewildered Ape, HanibleTheVictor13 and people like that. But to thunderf00t as well. TF has become a role-model for a lot of people (who are far less intelligent than him) all over the Internet. With just a suggestion, and it was really LESS than a suggestion. Several people took it upon themselves to go after a person who’d attempted to destroy him and bragged about it. There is a lot of power here and moreover many of the people observing this will create content of themselves. IF they become popular they will be called all kinds of vile names like sociopath, psycho, terrorist, Nazi and even mass murderer. This is the consequence of fame. This is the consequence of being correct too. When people start flinging crap, it’s a clear sign of exposed nerves and one gets exposed nerves by being wrong and trying to cover it up.

It’s not that Thunderf00t is offensive or that he’s more often correct than incorrect. This is because he’s smart and people are intimidated by intelligence. Or more prosaically. Un intelligent people are VERY intimidated by intelligent people. 

We are talking about criticism – an attack on ideas vs harassment an attack on a person and that which they value. See the difference? many people can’t for some strange reason. The realms paranormal are full of folks like this. People who don’t hesitate to take any debate personal. Who think any disagreement is an attack on them. I can understand this because I’ve had people do similar things to me. 

Look; it’s OK to disagree. It’s not OK to be disagreeable.

And by the way; I disagree with Thunderf00t in two ways.
1) I don’t agree that Islam is not compatible with the Western world. Sure it’s backwards, sure they do ridiculous things and even vile things like sacrificing animals. But Islam is no more backwards than any of the Abrahamic faiths.  Even the ones that no longer sacrifice animals. 
2) I don’t think doxing people is a good idea. Even if they dox themselves, just re-publishing their own doxing of themselves is an instance of doxing. For no other reason than they can’t control what you publish and cannot (now) withdraw the information. Also it encourages other people to dox people online. Doxing is bad. 

Thanks for reading my funseekers. Hope to see you soon!

The Odd Emperor.




This is the Day!

Well my fabulous fun seekers. The day is at hand. The end of the world is scheduled for tomorrow – or perhaps the day after but it’s certainly soon! But I tell you. For the life of me I don’t see what’s going on! Is it killer bees? Giant content spanning tsunamis? Asteroids? Deep freeze or blistering heat?

Well; to solve this kerfuffle I turned to the most accurate news service in the world. A news service that features stories that CNN and FOX are scared to broadcast.

Before it’s News!

Less Than 24 Hours to Go September 23, 2015 Update!

All the Internet predictions for Doomsday are converging in less than 24 hours. Here are the questions that will be answered tomorrow:

Will CERN open the Gates of Hades on September 23, 2015?

Wow! I had no idea that the bastion of science know as CERN was trying to open the actual pit of hell! I quickly check the CERN web page.

“As summer draws to a close, we look forward to the upcoming events at CERN and the surrounding area. Here are just a few of the events in store.”

Oh good, now we can get the straight scoop on how CERN labs will be destroying Earth by opening an inter demonical doorway or something like that.


“CERN is teaming up with several physics laboratories for an international photography competition: The Global Physics Photowalk(link is external). This Friday, selected photographers will be given the unique opportunity to explore the facilities of the world’s largest particle physics laboratory. “

What? Where  is the black hole creation, the demon doorway opening? The harbinger to the end time, the last trump the end of stuff  is up?

Friday, 25 September: Researchers’ Night/POP Science

CERN will be celebrating the 10th annual European Researchers’ night(link is external), an event celebrated in more than 300 cities in Europe. CERN, in collaboration with various partners, has organised the POP Science project that will take place at a shopping centre on the outskirts of Geneva.

This can’t be right! I don’t see the end of CERN’s funding let alone the end of times!

Lets go back to Before It’s News (BiN). Maybe they have a better answer.

Google Earth still thinks the door will open to Hell. Type in ‘Gates of Hades’ in the Google Earth search bar and Google Earth takes you to CERN’s headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. And if you type in September 23 2015 or 23 September 2015 or 23 9 2015 or 2015/9/23, Google Earth takes you to CERN headquarters as well.


Hmm. I tried that and got St John’s Square  in London and Hierapolis in Turkey. No CERN labs!

Some people think that Google uses an algorithm that connected the date ‘September 23, 2015’ from various cosmic disaster predictions on the Internet with the CERN location. According to this theory, once that connection was made, it created a reinforcing, positive feedback loop. But other people are convinced s really a secret Doomsday message.

Or it must be a false-flag fifth column nuclear attack on New York City! Or perhaps a real diry-bomb or straight out atomic bomb attack on Manhattan Island. Before It’s New is rather short of details. But they are sure it’s going to happen!

Last year the President caused an uproar when he identified a nuclear attack as the number one national security threat to the United States. “I continue to be much more concerned when it comes to our security with the prospect of a nuclear weapon going off in Manhattan,” he said.

Well; I suppose we can discount that since most people at BiN think Obama is a Muslim space-alien that was born in Kenya. Got to watch them Muslim space aliens!

“Will an asteroid hit Puerto Rico on September 23, 2015?”

RT News thinks the danger from asteroids is very real because they have clips of asteroids killing the Earth. And they want to point out that Bruce Willis is not ready to lead a team of misfits on a Super Space Shuttle to work things out.

Then we have this retarded thing from NASA via FOX “news.”

But we all know that NASA is full of shit other than their Mars pictures which show Bigfoot and sinister Darth Vader clones on the surface.

Then, BiN’s most accurate claim, “the “Super Shemitah”  (will) herald worldwide economic collapse on September 23, 2015? Author –  Rabbi Jonathan Cahn thinks so! “The current Shemitah year ended on September 13, 2015. Now we are entering the Year of Jubilee, which is a “Super Shemitah”. A Super Shemitah is the year following seven Shemitah years, that is, 7 sets of 7 years. Rabbi Cahn believes the Year of Jubilee could bring God’s judgment on America.”

Wow! That’s pretty good evidence of something! If this is true than it makes Judaism the actual religion of God! Sorry all you Christians and Muslims and Watchtower folk and Buddhists and Hindus.

Well; all you funseekers. This is literally the END OF THE WORLD and even though Before it’s News doesn’t know HOW the event is going to happen. They are sure something’s going to happen. They’ve been right about this sort of thing before – like never (right?)

So I’ll either reset my End of the World timer tomorrow or this will be my last entry (I’ll be on a galactic cruiser on the way to Betelgeuse, you think I’d hang around here?

  • Bye now!

The Odd Emperor

Alex Jones says “Something’s going to happen!”

16 days to the end of the world! 



Long-time prognosticator of doom, Alex Jones claimed Saturday that something is going to happen. Back in JUNE he said something was going to happen and now things are happening! When is it going to happen? Real soon!  Alex doesn’t know exactly what is going to happen. He doesn’t know when it’s going to happen. But he’s pretty sure that IT, whatever “it” might be will happen real soon!

How could this happen? Well Alex Johns says that our technology has overrun the powers of our intellect. Look at nano-technology. “They don’t even know how it works” It’s probably gotten loose!” says Alex. Or the Large Hadrian Collider. It might create  a black hole and suck all of this suckage to places no suckeage has ever sucked before! Alex doesn’t claim it’s going to – but it might!

Or those carbon taxes! Carbon in the atmosphere has been diving over the years and now they want to foist this stupid carbon tax on us?

Studies also show that GMO foods are giving rats cancer! Why? “Because they are here to destroy us” claims Alex. Superbugs, those illegals,  migrants, the rats, The ring of fire. “It’s crazy” says Alex Jones. The stars are aligning.

Also, Obama is behind ISIS, Donald Trump said so! And all those migrants. They are going to flood us with millions of people which will destabilize the economy and create a political voting block! For socialism! This will further take our rights and our liberty says Alex.

We are in a total – emergency – alert. Alex studies this stuff so he knows what he’s talking about. “Get guns, lots of guns” says Alex and train with them. He’s risking his life with this Intel. It’s not a game! Look in his eyes!


They are going to eat us alive! The giant criminal gangs? What to know how America will be taken down? And organised world-wide depression!


With shadow radical Islamic armies to create the crisis whenever the government determines it should take place.

We are already getting gangraped! This is just the forplay” says Alex.

Well; whatever is happening according to Alex. It’s going to be big-big news. We should all put a paper bag over our heads, get ripped or just cower in our bathrooms because whatever is coming is definitely coming – real soon!